Now Accessible: Elsevier eBooks

The Max Planck Society has signed an agreement with Elsevier for a new ebooks model. During an initial period of 12 months, almost 13.000 ebooks from more than 20 subject areas will be accessible (book series are not included).
At the end of this initial period, a number of ebooks will be selected for perpetual access, primarily based on usage in the previous months.

The ebooks are available at

New E-Books: October 2014

These new title are available online now:

Chorkendorff, Ib [Auth.]… Concepts of modern catalysis and kinetics 2007
VanSanten, Rutger A. [Auth.]… Molecular heterogeneous catalysis 2006
Ertl, Gerhard [Auth.] Reactions at solid surfaces 2009
Ertl, Gerhard [Ed.]… Preparation of solid catalysts 1999
Santos, Elizabeth [Ed.]… Catalysis in electrochemistry 2011
Vandenabeele, Peter [Auth.] Practical Raman spectroscopy 2013
Molodov, Dmitri A. [Ed.] Microstructural design of advanced engineering materials 2013
Weigand, Wolfgang [Ed.]… Bioinspired catalysis 2015
Lu, Kathy [Auth.] Nanoparticulate materials 2013
Berden, Giel [Ed.]… Cavity ring-down spectroscopy 2009
Vanbesien, Olivier [Auth.] Artificial materials 2012
Falkner, Robert [Ed.] The handbook of global climate and environment policy 2013
Vandenabeele, Peter [Auth.]… Climate adaptation futures 2013

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