New zotero Tool for Bibliographies

If you just need to create a quick bibliography, ZoteroBib can be helpful for you. It is a free service to help you quickly generate bibliographies in more than 9,000 citation styles. “There’s no software to install or account to create, and it works on any device, including tablets and phones. Your bibliography is stored right on your device.”
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New Aquisitions: June 2018

This new title is available in the library now:

David Vandermeulen: Fritz Haber

1: L’esprit du temps. 2005.
2: Les héros. 2007.
3: Un vautour, c’est déjà presque un aigle… 2010.
4: Des choses à venir. 2014.


More new titles:

Sugimoto, Cassidy R. [Auth.]… Measuring research 2018 70 Z 49
Weller, Mark [Auth.]… Inorganic chemistry 2018 42 B 11-7. ed.
Hinrichs, Karsten [Ed.]… Ellipsometry of functional organic surfaces and films 2018 28 D 13-Vol. 52, 2. ed.

SciFinder Online Workshops in June 2018

A new series of SciFinder Online Workshops are starting next week:

Mon, June 11 – Text Searching – 11am
Tue, June 12 – Structure & Reaction Searching – 11am
Wed, June 13 – Biomaterial Searching – 11am
Wed, June 13 – Polymer Searching & New Materials Searching – 2pm

All workshops last 60 minutes. Attendance is free of charge for staff and guests of the Max Planck Society, but online registration is required.

Find more details on schedule and registration at

How to Create an Alert?

Find out more in our introductory courses to the library’s electronic information resources.

Dates in June

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 – 3 pm
Friday, June 29, 2018 – 11 am

The lessons are held in the FHI library. Please make an appointment for one of the dates and inform us about your focus of interest. In addition, individual appointments are possible.

Scientific Writing in English

There is a book series available on English for Academic Research that includes several topics like academic correspondence, writing research papers, presentations at international conferences and exercises.

You find some more books on the topic in the library:

Person: Mack, Chris A. [Auth.].
Title: How to write a good scientific paper
Place: Bellingham, Wash.
Year: 2018
Shelf Mark: 70 Z 48

Person: Hofmann, Angelika H. [Auth.].
Title: Scientific writing and communication : papers, proposals and presentations
Edition: 2. ed.
Place: New York [u.a.]
Year: 2014
Shelf Mark: 70 Z 42

Person: Lagendijk, Ad [Auth.].
Title: Survival guide for scientists : writing, presentation, email
Place: Amsterdam
Year: 2008
Shelf Mark: 70 Z 29

Person: Peck, John [Auth.]. Coyle, Martin [Auth.].
Title: The student’s guide to writing : spelling, punctuation and grammar
Edition: 3. ed.
Place: Basingstoke
Year: 2012
Shelf Mark: 70 Z 41

Person: Strunk, William [Auth.]. White, E. B. [Auth.].
Title: The elements of style
Edition: 50th Anniversary ed.
Place: New York [u.a.]
Year: 2009
Shelf Mark: 70 Z 32

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