New Aquisitions: May 2019

These new books have just arrived in the library:

Weinacht, Thomas … Time-resolved spectroscopy
201922 A 78
Smith, Ewen …
Modern Raman spectroscopy201922 G 22
Alonso-Vante, Nicolas …Fundamentals of electrocatalyst materials and interfacial characterization 201934 B 16
Girvin, Steven M. …Modern condensed matter physics201926 B 147
Paull, Brett …3D printing in chemical sciences201940 F 7
Yang, JunNoble metal-based nanocomposites201929 I 26
Progress in optics201920 D 1-Vol. 64
Solid state physics201826 D 10-Vol. 69

You find the books in the library’s new acquisition section

New Resources in SciFinder

We now have access to MethodsNow and PatentPak via SciFinder.

MethodsNow Synthesis allows you to search the reaction of your interest in SciFinder. You have access to more than 18 Mio step by step protocols of synthetic methods.

Methods Now Analysis is the CAS online compendium of more than 400.000 analytical methods hand curated from analytic focus publications and the supplement.
At you enter MethodsNow Analysis using your regular SciFinder Login ID and Password.

SciFinder covers patents from 63 authorities. For PatentPak we connect the SciFinder indexed record directly with the patent PDF for the top 33 patent authorities.

New Aquisitions: April 2019

These new books have just arrived in the library:

Goodman, Joseph W. [Auth.]… Introduction to Fourier optics 2017 20 A 40
Eland, John [Auth.]… Double photoionisation spectra of molecules 2017 24 E 13
Advances in imaging and electron physics 2019 16 D 1-Vol. 209
Catalysis 2019 28 D 10-Vol. 31

You find the books in the library’s new acquisition section.

New Aquisitions: February 2019

This new title is available in the library now:

Infrared and terahertz detectors by Antoni Rogalski (22 F 47).

You can find it in the library’s new acquisition section.



More new books:

Han, Yongjian [Ed.] … Physics on ultracold quantum gases 2019 24 B 58
Freeman, Richard [Auth.] … Electromagnetic radiation 2019 20 B 29
Eliaz, Noam [Auth.] … Physical electrochemistry 2019 34 B 24-2. ed.
Benedek, Giorgio [Auth.]… Atomic scale dynamics at surfaces 2018 28 D 13-Vol. 63