Neues Abo: duz

duzAb sofort ist duz – die deutsche Universitätszeitung in der Bibliothek verfügbar.

Die Zeitschrift beschäftigt sich mit den Themen Wissenschaft und Hochschule.

Das DUZ-Magazin erscheint monatlich, als Beilagen sind die Vierteljahresschrift des Boston College for International Higher Education, der duz Karriere LETTER sowie DUZ-Special enthalten.

Find Journal Abbreviations

There are two good resources to find abbreviations for science journals:

1. Chemical Abstracts source index

CASSI (CAS Source Index) Search Tool
CAS Core Journal Abbreviations

2. Web of Science journal abbreviations index

Journal Abbreviations Index (ISI)

Research Impact at the Article Level

Should an article’s social shares (e.g. in Twitter) or the number of readers in online reference managers be measured? Should these uses and mentions be something that is considered along with citations in published literature?

Article level metrics (read altmetrics: a manifesto) are available on different journals. Several publishers offer data collected from third parties and track different social media sites and online reference managers (e.g. based on Altmetrics). Some are using citations through CrossRef or article usage data from server logs in addition.

Here are some examples: