Chemical Preprint Server Being Planned

The American Chemical Society is planning to establish a preprint server (“ChemRxiv”) for the global chemistry community. It is expected that ChemRxiv will follow the established model of arXiv in physics. ACS will cooperate with the Society’s Chemical Abstracts Service and other partners to shape the preprint server as a collaborative endeavor.

ACS Press Resease: American Chemical Society announces intention to establish “ChemRxiv” preprint server to promote early research sharing

ACS Editor’s Choice

ACS Editors’ Choice is a new service designed to feature scientific articles of broad public interest. The American Chemical Society selects one article each day to be published with free public access to new research. The selections base on recommendations by the scientific editors of ACS journals from around the world. All ACS Publications articles published in 2014 and forward are eligible to be recommended for ACS Editors’ Choice.