New Acquisitions: July 2017

energyThis new title is available in the library now:

Physics of energy sources by George C. King (60 H 57).

You can find it in the library’s new acquisition section.



More new books:

Sun, Yugang [Ed.] Nanomaterials for photocatalytic chemistry 2017 29 I 25
Schmal, Martin [Auth.] Heterogeneous catalysis and its industrial applications 2016 27 F 34
Fernandez-Alonso, Felix [Ed.]… Neutron Scattering 2017 6 A 19-Vol. 49
Advances in imaging and electron physics – Vol. 200 2017 16 D 1-Vol. 200

How to Find the Appropriate Database?

Find out more in our introductory courses to the library’s electronic information resources starting next week.

Dates in July

Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 2 pm
Friday, July 28, 2017, 10 am

The lessons will be held in the FHI library. Please make an appointment for one of the dates and inform us about your focus of interest. In addition, individual appointments are possible.

Lange Nacht 2017

PrintNicht nur spannende naturwissenschaftliche Themen gibt es im Fritz-Haber-Institut zur Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften am 24. Juni zu entdecken. Auch wir beteiligen uns wieder am abwechslungsreichen Programm.

Bei unserer Rallye durch den Lesesaal lernst du die Bibliothek des Institutes kennen. Am Ende gibt es eine Überraschung und du kannst dir ein eigenes Notizbuch binden. Auch die repräsentativen Räumlichkeiten der modernen Spezialbibliothek an historischem Ort sind einen Besuch wert. Eine Ausstellung sowie Multimedia-Präsentationen geben Einblick in die Geschichte des Instituts.

Bibliothek des Fritz-Haber-Instituts
Faradayweg 4-6 in Berlin-Dahlem
17:30, 19:30, 21:30 Uhr

Das vollständige Programm:

New Acquisitions: June 2017

xrayThis new title is available in the library now:

X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiaton by David Attwood and Anne Sakdinawat (22 E 4).

You can find it in the new acquisition section of the library.


More new books:

Zecchina, Adriano [Auth.]… The development of catalysis 2017 27 A 23
Rammer, Jorgen [Auth.] Physics of electronic materials 2017 26 I 36
Powers, Peter E. [Auth.]… Fundamentals of nonlinear optics 2017 20 F 65
Catalysis : specialist periodical reports 2017 28 D 10-Vol. 29
Electroanalytical chemistry 2017 34 D 2-Vol. 29

Hub of Nobel Laureates in Berlin

Today the Harnack House is a confererence venue for the Max Planck Society. It was opened in 1929 as a scientific meeting place, where guests from all over the world came together. Now a book, which is a supplement to the conference venue’s exhibition, portrays some of its most illustrious guests: Albert Einstein, Lise Meitner, Max Planck, Albert Speer and more.

imageSusanne Kiewitz: Hub of Nobel Laureates: Harnack House in Berlin. Berlin 2016 (Shelf Mark: 70 H 43)

Susanne Kiewitz: Treffpunkt der Nobelpreisträger: das Harnack-Haus in Berlin-Dahlem. Berlin 2016 (Shelf Mark: 70 H 43-Dt.)