New Acquisitions: November 2021

These new books have just arrived in the library:

Diwald, Oliver…Metal oxide nanoparticles 1202029 P 15-Vol. 1
Diwald, Oliver…Metal oxide nanoparticles 2202129 P 15-Vol. 2
ammonia synthesis
202134 H 16
Melander, Marko…Atomic-scale modelling of
electrochemical systems
202234 A 56
Edward O.
Deep learning for physical
20222 P 202
Ognjen S.
Introduction to energy and
202239 A 12

You find the books in the library’s new acquisition section.

Open Access Introductory Presentation

On October the 25th this years Open Access Week is starting! In order to bring you up to speed on all things Open Access, the FHI library will host a short-form online introductory presentation.

The goal will be to give the participants a quick overview on what Open Access is, how it is benefical to you and in what ways the MPG supports the publishing of OA research. This will take no longer than 20 minutes.

The online courses will be held on:
25.10.2021 & 31.10.2021 at 12:00 pm

You can access the online room here.
Accesscode: 404766

Library Introductory Course on Information Resources & Open Access in October

FHI Library Workshop: Information Resources & Open Access

This workshop will introduce available options for making your research outputs open access. Discover which publishing fees are paid centrally or by the FHI library and get practical tips on how to adopt open access practices in your research area. Furthermore, you will get an overview of useful search tools.

Friday, October 15, 2021 – 11am

The workshop will be held in the FHI library and lasts about 45 minutes.
The number of participants is limited to five.

Please register and inform us ( about your focus of interest.

New Acquisitions: September 2021

These new books have just arrived in the library:

Zhang, Guo-Ping …Introduction to ultrafast phenomena202120 I 24
Cunsolo, AlessandroThe Thz dynamics of liquids probed by inelastic X-ray scattering202122 E 45
Gretarsson, Andri M.A first course in laboratory optics202120 B 33
Kasai, Hideaki …Hydrogen and hydrogen-containing molecules on metal surfaces202028 D 13-Vol. 71
Suga, Shigemasa …Photoelectron spectroscopy202128 D 13-Vol. 72
High-Performance Computing and Data Science in the Max Planck Society202170 H 102
Advances in imaging and electron physics202116 D 1-Vol. 219

You find the books in the library’s new acquisition section.

Gerhard Ertls Leben mit der Wissenschaft

In der neuen Reihe Lives in Chemistry – Lebenswerke der Chemie, die von der Fachgruppe Geschichte der Chemie in der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker herausgegeben wird, ist nun die Autobiographie von Gerhard Ertl erschienen:

Gerhard Ertl: Mein Leben mit der Wissenschaft. Berlin 2021
70 K 159

Sie finden den Titel im Neuerwerbungsregal der Bibliothek.