Open Access Network

Do you have any questions regarding Open Access? Feel free to check out this newly refurbished and updated information platform!
The platform now provides even more comprehensive information on the subject of Open Access and offers practical advice on its implementation.

Besides descriptions of the basic ideas of Open Access, you can also find detailed information regarding publishing, financing, legal issues and policy frameworks, as well as coordinated training workshops focusing on specific topics.

As its name implies, the OA Network can also be used for networking purposes such as Digital Focus Groups, Forums, or Events.

You can find more information on Open Access or the Open Access Network here.

The new Mendeley Reference Manager

Mendeley has changed the research workflow of reference management with its new version. Some features have been summarized, improved and redesigned.

What’s new in Mendeley Reference Manager:

  • Automatic synchronization allows to work from multiple locations and devices, thanks to cloud-based library.
  • Working in offline mode is possible due to automatic synchronization of your library when you are back online.
  • Improved Mendeley Web Importer
  • New citation add-in, Mendeley Cite for Microsoft Word

The still available Mendeley Desktop will be replaced by Mendeley Reference Manager in the long run. When exactly this will happen has not been determined yet (but already with the upgrade to macOS 11 Big Sur, Mendeley Desktop will no longer be supported).

New Web of Science

Starting on July 7th 2021, all Web of Science users will be automatically taken to the new Web of Science platform. This visual and functional update aims to improve existing workflows and enhance the user experience.

Some of the newly added features include:

  • New and refined search options
    • Publisher, subject category, affiliation
  • Enriched Cited Referencesbeta
    • How many times is a reference cited? Where in the article is it cited? What citations are related?
    • Find samples here (more will be added later)
  • Improved shareability
    • Static search and record URL’s
  • New Quickfilters for refining your search
    • Review articles, early access
  • Advanced Query builder
    • Combine or transform your simple searches into the proper syntax for an advanced search.
  • Article recommendations based on user behaviour
  • Mobile app

For a summary of the new features, you can watch this video:

or take a look at the New Web of Science release notes.

If you prefer to use the legacy version, you can select the “Classic” Web of Science in the “Products” section of the website.