Neue Ressource: RiffReporter

Ab sofort haben wir Zugriff auf RiffReporter – ein genossenschaftlich betriebenes Journalismusportal mit Sitz in Berlin, das 2017 gegründet wurde.

RiffReporter liefert tiefgehende und gründlich recherchierte journalistische Inhalte zu Themen aus Umwelt, Wissenschaft, Technologie, Gesellschaft und Weltgeschehen. Das Portal wurde 2018 mit dem renommierten Grimme Online Award ausgezeichnet.

Library Introductory Course on Information Resources & OA in April

FHI Library Online Workshop: Information Resources & Open Access

This interactive online workshop will introduce available options for making your research outputs open access. Discover which publishing fees are paid centrally or by the FHI library and get practical tips on how to adopt open access practices in your research area. Furthermore, you will get an overview of useful search tools.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 – 2pm

The workshop lasts about 45 minutes. Please register and inform us ( about your focus of interest.

More details on how to join the workshop will be announced by e-mail.

New Open Access Journal: Chemistry – Methods

Chemistry Europe, an association of 16 European chemical societies, has published the new journal Chemistry – Methods. The fully open-access journal covers research on all aspects of methods in chemistry.

The journal is part of the Open Access Agreement between Projekt DEAL and Wiley.

New Aquisitions: March 2021

These new books have just arrived in the library:

Zhai, HuiUltracold atomic physics20218 G 69
Bransden, B. H. …Physics of atoms and molecules200324 B 60
Solid state physics202026 D 10-Vol. 71
Advances in catalysis202028 D 12-Vol. 66
Advances in catalysis202028 D 12-Vol. 67

You find the books in the library’s new acquisition section.