SciFinder Now Includes Chemisches Zentralblatt

From now on we have access to ChemZent available as a new solution in SciFinder.

ChemZent provides access to the first and only indexed, English-searchable version of Chemisches Zentralblatt. Chemisches Zentralblatt is the oldest journal of chemistry abstracts and covers literature from 1830-1969.

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New Acquisitions: August 2016

brillsonThis new title is available in the library now:

An essential guide to electronic materials surfaces and interfaces by Leonard J. Brillson (28 H 128).

You can find it in the new acquisition section of the library.


More new books:

Martin, Richard M. [Auth.]… Interacting electrons 2016 26 I 35
Hore, P. J. [Auth.] Nuclear magnetic resonance 2015 22 H 83
Chechik, Victor [Auth.]… Electron paramagnetic resonance 2016 22 H 82
Guenther, Robert D. [Auth.] Modern optics 2016 20 B 10
Knoop, Martina [Ed.]… Trapped charged particles 2016 6 H 31
Bernal, Santiago [Auth.] A practical introduction to beam physics and particle accelerators 2016 6 M 48
Coleman, Piers [Auth.] Introduction to many-body physics 2015 8 G 38
Wesch, Werner [Ed.]… Ion beam modification of solids 2016 28 D 13- Vol. 61
Fernandez-Alonso, Felix [Ed.]… Neutron scattering 2015 6 A 19- Vol. 48

Chemical Preprint Server Being Planned

The American Chemical Society is planning to establish a preprint server (“ChemRxiv”) for the global chemistry community. It is expected that ChemRxiv will follow the established model of arXiv in physics. ACS will cooperate with the Society’s Chemical Abstracts Service and other partners to shape the preprint server as a collaborative endeavor.

ACS Press Resease: American Chemical Society announces intention to establish “ChemRxiv” preprint server to promote early research sharing

Science Book Prize 2016: Shortlist

The winner of the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize will be announced in September, but the shortlist is available now. Among the six titles you find

The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World
by Oliver Morton

The author describes the potential and risks of geoengineering to mitigate global climate change. He explores the science, history and politics behind real and theoretical case studies.

‘RSC Advances’ is Going Open Access

RA.indtThe RSC journal RSC Advances will move to gold open access in January 2017. The journal was launched in 2011 and covers all areas of the chemical sciences.

The article processing charges will be discounted for the first two years.

Press Release: