News about Reference Management

Find here some short news about EndNote for iPad and the “Export to Mendeley” option:

  1. Now you can make PDF annotations directly within the EndNote app for your iPad. Find more new functionalities at
  2. The direct export from Scopus and Science Direct with Mendely is now possible as you can read in the official Mendeley blog.

How to switch to EndNote

If you are currently working with a reference management system and want to switch to EndNote it is no problem to take your references with you.

If you are switching from Reference Manager to EndNote, this video will show you how to do it:

How to export references from Zotero and then import them into EndNote is shown in this video:

Switch from Mendeley to EndNote is shown in these pictures:

And if you have a set of references in a spreadsheet or database program, here’s how to get them into EndNote:

Comparison of Reference Management Systems

There are a lot of comparisons of commercial and non-commercial reference management software available on the web. We recommend the following tables created by librarians:

To decide which one of the many reference management systems to use, first aks yourself the following questions:

  • Which system do my colleagues use?
  • Is the system compatible with my operating system/word processor?
  • Which databases are available for import?

Caution using Mendeley

The IVS-BM has outlined their concerns about using Mendeley in their blog. They point out that “everybody should be aware of applicable copyright law in their country of research if they use cloud applications, such as Mendeley, for sharing and accessing full-texts on the web“.
The document “Mendeley – Information for users and librarians” can be downloaded at (pdf).

Online Workshops on Reference Management Systems in June and July

Here are the dates for the upcoming online workshops on bibliographic management systems:

  • Reference Management with Mendeley – June 4
  • Reference Management with Papers – June 6
  • Reference Management with Zotero – June 13
  • Literaturverwaltungssysteme – Einführung & Überblick (in German) – June 25
  • Literaturverwaltung mit EndNote (in German) – July 2
  • Reference Management with EndNote – July 9

All workshops begin at 10:30 am and last 90 minutes.
Attendance is free of charge for staff and guests of the Max Planck Society, but online registration is required.

The online workshops are offered by the Scientific Information Retrieval Services for the Biology & Medicine Section of the Max Planck Society. Find more details on schedule, technical requirements and registration at