Library Introductory Course on Information Resources & Open Access in December

FHI Library Workshop: Information Resources & Open Access

This interactive online workshop will introduce available options for making your research outputs open access. Discover which publishing fees are paid centrally or by the FHI library and get practical tips on how to adopt open access practices in your research area. Furthermore, you will get an overview of useful search tools.

Friday, December 10, 2021 –11am

The workshop will be held online and lasts about 45 minutes.

Please register and inform us ( about your focus of interest.

Science Meets Art

From November 1, 2021, the virtual exhibition “Science meets Art” presented by the Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel shows how art and science can influence each other.

Geomar employees present pieces of art, ranging from drawings, paintings, or photography to papercraft and jewelry. The exhibition also features texts by the artists, talking about their biography, inspiration, and how their work in ocean science and their artistry connect. Thus, the audience gets to know some of the diverse occupations in the sciences as well as the people in them.

Most works presented here feature ocean-related topics, drawing inspiration from life and work in ocean research. Marine wildlife is a recurring motif, as well as the nature surrounding the workplaces of the centre’s employees. And in some cases, the skills learned through art can even be applied in scientific work. After all, creativity is vital in both areas, to express an artistic mind as well as to ask new scientific questions and find new ways to answer them.

The virtual exhibition can be visited online free of charge.

PLOS – 5 new OA journals

This spring, PLOS (Public Library of Science) announced that it will add 5 additional Open Access journals to its offering:

These journals have been incorporated in the existing MPDL central publishing agreement, meaning the publishing costs will be covered for corresponding MPG authors.

For more details on our PLOS publishing agreement please visit the MPDL Open Access agreements.
If you want to learn more about the new journals and why they were launched, check out the corresponding PLOS Blogpost.

PLOS - Wikipedia

PiA – Physics in Advent

It’s almost Christmas time again! In celebration of the holiday season Physics in Advent is hosting their annual advent calendar. It will include 24 small, simple experiments and physics mysteries for young researchers and anybody who enjoys the like.

Each day, starting December 1st until the 24th a video clip of an experiment, which you can do yourself afterwards, will be uploaded onto the PiA website. These tasks will be published daily at 5am (local time zone) and submissions will close at 11pm the same day.

Children between the age of 10 to 18 or school classes in grade 5 to 10 are also eligible to win special prizes, including a trip to the USA!

To participate register here.

New Acquisitions: November 2021

These new books have just arrived in the library:

Diwald, Oliver…Metal oxide nanoparticles 1202029 P 15-Vol. 1
Diwald, Oliver…Metal oxide nanoparticles 2202129 P 15-Vol. 2
ammonia synthesis
202134 H 16
Melander, Marko…Atomic-scale modelling of
electrochemical systems
202234 A 56
Edward O.
Deep learning for physical
20222 P 202
Ognjen S.
Introduction to energy and
202239 A 12

You find the books in the library’s new acquisition section.