Hub of Nobel Laureates in Berlin

Today the Harnack House is a confererence venue for the Max Planck Society. It was opened in 1929 as a scientific meeting place, where guests from all over the world came together. Now a book, which is a supplement to the conference venue’s exhibition, portrays some of its most illustrious guests: Albert Einstein, Lise Meitner, Max Planck, Albert Speer and more.

imageSusanne Kiewitz: Hub of Nobel Laureates: Harnack House in Berlin. Berlin 2016 (Shelf Mark: 70 H 43)

Susanne Kiewitz: Treffpunkt der Nobelpreisträger: das Harnack-Haus in Berlin-Dahlem. Berlin 2016 (Shelf Mark: 70 H 43-Dt.)

New Acquisitions: May 2017

meschedeThis new title is available in the library now:

Optics, light and lasers by Dieter Meschede (20 B 6-3. ed.).

You can find it in the new acquisition section of the library.


More new books:

Flewitt, Peter E. J. [Auth.]… Physical methods for materials characterisation 2017 26 B 108
Jensen, Frank [Auth.] Introduction to computational chemistry 2017 2 Q 26
VanSanten, Rutger A. [Auth.] Modern heterogeneous catalysis 2017 27 E 36
Rex, Andrew [Auth.] Finn’s thermal physics 2017 14 B 7
Simpson, Garth J. [Auth.] Nonlinear optical polarization analysis in chemistry and biology 2017 20 F 64
Holleman, Arnold F. [Auth.] Anorganischen Chemie 2017 42 B 32-103. Aufl., Bd. 1 + Bd. 2
Alkire, Richard C. [Ed.]… Nanopatterned and nanoparticle-modified electrodes 2017 34 D 3*-Vol. 17
Advances in imaging and electron physics – Vol. 199 2017 16 D 1-Vol. 199
Progress in optics – Vol. 62 2017 20 D 1-Vol. 62

New E-Books: April 2017

These new titles are available online now:

Hermann, Klaus [Auth.] Crystallography and surface structure 2016
Harrison, Paul [Auth.] Quantum wells, wires and dots 2016
Walla, Peter Jomo [Auth.] Modern biophysical chemistry 2014
Butt, Hans-Juergen [Auth.]… Surface and interfacial forces 2010
Bersuker, Isaac B. [Auth.] Electronic structure and properties of transiti… 2010
Akasaka, Takeshi [Ed.]… Chemistry of nanocarbons 2010
Aifantis, Katerina E. [Ed.]… High energy density lithium batteries 2010
Chaplot, Samrath L. [Ed.]… Thermodynamic properties of solids 2010
Livingstone, David [Auth.] A practical guide to scientific data analysis 2009
Ridley, Damon D. [Auth.] Information retrieval : SciFinder 2009
Nakamoto, Kazuo [Auth.] Infrared and Raman spectra of inorganic and coordination compounds 2009
Ozawa, Kazunori [Ed.] Lithium ion rechargeable batteries 2009
Liu, Hansan [Ed.]… Electrocatalysis of direct methanol fuel cells 2009
Zehetbauer, Michael J. [Ed.]… Bulk nanostructured materials 2009
Ohser, Joachim [Auth.]… 3D images of materials structures 2009
Wolf, Edward L. [Auth.] Nanophysics and nanotechnology 2006
Gonzalo, Julio A. [Ed.]… Ferroelectricity 2005
Balluffi, Robert W. [Auth.]… Kinetics of materials 2005

New Acquisitions: March 2017

crystalThis new title is available in the library now:

Crystal chemistry by Gerard Ferey (26 E 171).

You can find it in the new acquisition section of the library.


More new books:

Advances in Catalysis – Vol. 59 [ToC only] 2016 28 D 12-Vol. 59
Trapp, Charles [Auth.]… Arbeitsbuch Physikalische Chemie 2013 38 B 50-5. Aufl., Arbeitsbuch
Henning, Eckart [Auth.]… Handbuch zur Institutsgeschichte der Kaiser-Wilhelm-/ Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften 1911 – 2011 – Daten und Quellen 2016 70 H 84-Bd. 2,1 + 2,2