New aquisitions: November 2012

This new title is now available in the library:

Modern diffraction methods
edited by Eric J. Mittemeijer (26 E 166)

You find it in the new aquisitions section.

More new books:

Louis, Catherine [Auth.]… Gold nanoparticles for physics,
chemistry and biology
2012 29 A 15
Wolf, Edward L. [Auth.]. Nanophysics of solar and
renewable energy
2012 60 H 45
Singh, Subhash Chandra [Ed.]… Nanomaterials 2012 29 G 18
Haugstad, Greg [Auth.]. Atomic force microscopy 2012 18 F 32
Godula-Jopek, Agata [Auth.]… Hydrogen storage technologies 2012 60 H 46