New aquisitions: October 2013

This new title is now available in the library:

Chemical Process Technology
2. ed. 2013
by Jacob A Moulijn et. al. (40 F 6)

You find it in the new aquisitions section.

More new books:

Haynes, William M.
Lide, David R. [Ed.]
CRC handbook of chemistry and physics 2013 50 E 8-94. ed.
Simon, Steven H. [Auth.] The Oxford solid state basics 2013 26 B 140
Kaeaeriaeinen, Tommi.
Cameron, David [Auth.]
Atomic layer deposition 2013 29 S 11
Fulde, Peter [Auth.] Correlated electrons in quantum matter 2012 26 I 33
Bialek, William [Auth.] Biophysics : searching for principles 2012 30 A 109
Murphy, Douglas B.
Davidson, Michael W. [Auth.]
Fundamentals of light microscopy and electronic imaging 2013 20 H 19
Schattke, Wolfgang.
Diez Muino, Ricardo [Auth.]
Quantum Monte Carlo programming 2013 2 Q 24