New E-Books: October 2014

These new title are available online now:

Chorkendorff, Ib [Auth.]… Concepts of modern catalysis and kinetics 2007
VanSanten, Rutger A. [Auth.]… Molecular heterogeneous catalysis 2006
Ertl, Gerhard [Auth.] Reactions at solid surfaces 2009
Ertl, Gerhard [Ed.]… Preparation of solid catalysts 1999
Santos, Elizabeth [Ed.]… Catalysis in electrochemistry 2011
Vandenabeele, Peter [Auth.] Practical Raman spectroscopy 2013
Molodov, Dmitri A. [Ed.] Microstructural design of advanced engineering materials 2013
Weigand, Wolfgang [Ed.]… Bioinspired catalysis 2015
Lu, Kathy [Auth.] Nanoparticulate materials 2013
Berden, Giel [Ed.]… Cavity ring-down spectroscopy 2009
Vanbesien, Olivier [Auth.] Artificial materials 2012
Falkner, Robert [Ed.] The handbook of global climate and environment policy 2013
Vandenabeele, Peter [Auth.]… Climate adaptation futures 2013