Web of Science News: February 2021

This exciting new feature has been added to the Web of Science (WoS) – available via the preview of the new Web of Science – in the February release:

Author Impact Beamplots

  • Visualize the citation performance of an author’s entire publication list
  • Publications performances are compared to similar records and put into percentiles (a 90% + score means the paper is among the 10% most cited in the field)
  • Adding more context than single-point metrics e.g. performance change over time

Look at authors Impact Beamplots by accessing their Author Record via the Author Search, or click any author name in a Core Collection document.

You will find a complete timeline of the Authors works (1980- ) under the “Author Impact Beamplot” tab. Hover over the elements of the beamplot to see article, citation, and percentile information and click through to see the full record.

For more information on Author Impact Beamplots check out this video:

Other Updates

  • Author field search suggestions – get author names suggestions based on your input
  • Publisher added as a search field
  • Categories field search suggestions – get categories suggestions based on your input

New Resources in SciFinder

We now have access to MethodsNow and PatentPak via SciFinder.

MethodsNow Synthesis allows you to search the reaction of your interest in SciFinder. You have access to more than 18 Mio step by step protocols of synthetic methods.

Methods Now Analysis is the CAS online compendium of more than 400.000 analytical methods hand curated from analytic focus publications and the supplement.
At https://www.methodsnow.com/ you enter MethodsNow Analysis using your regular SciFinder Login ID and Password.

SciFinder covers patents from 63 authorities. For PatentPak we connect the SciFinder indexed record directly with the patent PDF for the top 33 patent authorities.