Importing References from Google Scholar

How to import references from Google Scholar to your reference management system?

You need to configure the Google Scholar settings (in the upper left-hand or right-hand corner). Under “Bibliography Manager” select the option “Show links to import citations into” and choose your desired format (e.g. BibTeX, EndNote) in the drop down box.

Then the “Import into BibTeX/EndNote” link will appear in Google Scholar and you will be able to send references directly to your reference management system.

Export function at Scopus

The new export function from Scopus enables to you to export all your relevant selections directly to EndNote. This occurs, as soon as you open your references, about the `Export` button. To store the exported references and to accelerate this process, you must be announced with your account. Besides this you can store youre references in your Scopus results list, while you add this independently.