Cite While You Write

At the end of our EndNote-Week I want to focus your attention on the feature Cite While You Write (CWYW) within Microsoft Word to create citations and bibliographies.

An overview of EndNote Web’s Cite While You Write feature for Microsoft Word:

A very detailed video of Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word:

A general overview of the EndNote program and what it can do for you, including CWYW:

How to add EndNote citations to a Microsoft Word document using the Insert Citation button and by inserting selected citations:

How to use the EndNote Format Bibliography command to change styles, line spacing, fonts, and other options in your bibliography:

Formatting bibliographies using EndNote Web. Includes how to change styles, bibliography fonts, and line spacing:

How to use EndNote’s Cite While You Write features in Apple Pages ’09, including inserting citations, adding page numbers, changing styles, deleting references from a paper, and using EndNote with full footnote styles such as Chicago and Turabian:

Using the Go to EndNote and Insert Citations command together to insert EndNote citations into Word documents:

How to use EndNote’s Find Citation command in Microsoft Word for Macintosh to locate references in EndNote and insert them in Word documents:

Using EndNote’s Format Bibliography command in Microsoft Word on the Mac to change bibliography settings such as the bibliographic style, line spacing, and font:

How to use EndNote’s Edit & Manage Citations command with Word on the Macintosh:

A very detailed video of Cite While You Write on Macintosh:

Open Office:
How to use EndNote’s Cite While You Write with Writer to create formatted citations and bibliographies: