Cite While You Write

At the end of our EndNote-Week I want to focus your attention on the feature Cite While You Write (CWYW) within Microsoft Word to create citations and bibliographies.

An overview of EndNote Web’s Cite While You Write feature for Microsoft Word:

A very detailed video of Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word:

A general overview of the EndNote program and what it can do for you, including CWYW:

How to add EndNote citations to a Microsoft Word document using the Insert Citation button and by inserting selected citations:

How to use the EndNote Format Bibliography command to change styles, line spacing, fonts, and other options in your bibliography:

Formatting bibliographies using EndNote Web. Includes how to change styles, bibliography fonts, and line spacing:

How to use EndNote’s Cite While You Write features in Apple Pages ’09, including inserting citations, adding page numbers, changing styles, deleting references from a paper, and using EndNote with full footnote styles such as Chicago and Turabian:

Using the Go to EndNote and Insert Citations command together to insert EndNote citations into Word documents:

How to use EndNote’s Find Citation command in Microsoft Word for Macintosh to locate references in EndNote and insert them in Word documents:

Using EndNote’s Format Bibliography command in Microsoft Word on the Mac to change bibliography settings such as the bibliographic style, line spacing, and font:

How to use EndNote’s Edit & Manage Citations command with Word on the Macintosh:

A very detailed video of Cite While You Write on Macintosh:

Open Office:
How to use EndNote’s Cite While You Write with Writer to create formatted citations and bibliographies:

EndNote on iPad

Now I want to show you how to work with EndNote on your iPad.
EndNote for iPad enables you to easily view, edit, organise, and share your research material and PDFs on iPad. Using EndNoteSync with EndNote Web and EndNote extends the power of EndNote for iPad and allows for seamless access to your reference library from multiple devices and platforms.
This 30 minute movie shows you how to get up and running with the EndNote for iPad app:

This movie shows you how to use the browser included in EndNote for iPad to import references from online databases (with PubMed used as an example) and also download and attach files to records in the library:

This movie helps you get started with EndNote for iPad by adding references through syncing with EndNote Web, viewing and annotating PDFs, and creating groups:

How to switch to EndNote

If you are currently working with a reference management system and want to switch to EndNote it is no problem to take your references with you.

If you are switching from Reference Manager to EndNote, this video will show you how to do it:

How to export references from Zotero and then import them into EndNote is shown in this video:

Switch from Mendeley to EndNote is shown in these pictures:

And if you have a set of references in a spreadsheet or database program, here’s how to get them into EndNote:

EndNote X7 and EndNote Basic (formerly EndNote Web)

In our workshops we are using the current version EndNote X7.
The Fritz Haber Institute has a license agreement to offer you the software and updates on your computer.
The Webinar of Adept Science (distributor of EndNote) shows on its YouTube-Channel what is new and how to work with the new tools.
What’s new in EndNote X7:
Introducing EndNote X7:

A very interesting channel on YouTube is EndNote Training. Here you can find a step-by-step training that shows you how to work with EndNote.


The web version of EndNote, EndNote Basic, is a useful addition for mobile and/or collaborative working. It is available online, anywhere and free of charge. You can store up to 50,000 references; use the 20 most popular bibliographic styles, 2GB of files storage, online search of the 5 most popular databases and the webpage reference capture.

An Introduction to EndNote Web:
EndNote Basic:

EndNote Week 2-6 Dezember 2013 – Starts Today!

Want to know more about EndNote?
Come along to find out how we can help…


One week about the reference management system EndNote.
Our EndNote Week is starting today with our welcome desk in the library. You will find some material including Quick Start Guides, sticky notes, handouts and pens.

We start today with a workshop in German. Tomorrow we will have a workshop in English and on Thursday you can ask our expert about EndNote (in English and German). During the week you will find an information desk in the library (building A) and every day some useful information on this site.

Come and see us to find out how EndNote can help you manage your references and create bibliographies in your chosen style.


General information about the system in the Max Planck Society can be found on
The Information Retrieval Services for the Institutes of the Bio.-Med. Section of the Max Planck Society has also much information on other reference management systems and creates a table to compare the different systems.