The ECS Moves Toward Open Access

Would you like to publish an article with the Electrochemistry Society (ECS) in open access at no additional cost?

The Max Planck Society has a subscription license to all ECS journals. With this license the MPS authors are entitled to unlimited Article Credits for the duration of 2014, if they wish to publish their articles as Open Access. This is an ‘experiment’ and the ECS will be working to create a new business model during 2014.

The following journals are included:

  • Journal of The Electrochemical Society
  • ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology
  • ECS Electrochemistry Letters
  • ECS Solid State Letters

If you would like your next ECS article to be published in open access (at no additional cost!), here is how it works:

  • When you submit your paper, if you select Author Choice Open Access you can indicate that you come from a subscribing institution. ECS will already have asked you for full details of your institution earlier in the submission process.
  • The Article Credit may be claimed if any one of the authors comes from a subscribing institution.
  • Then you need do nothing more to get your article published as Open Access.

ECS Press Release: ECS Journals Take Their First Steps Toward Open Access (pdf)
Further information from ECS: ECS and Open Access