Springer’s MyCopy Books

We already provide access to Springer eBooks. Now you can order your
personal printed copy of an eBook for € 24,95 (including shipping and handling but exclusive of VAT).


  • More than 20,000 eBooks starting with publication date 2005 are included in the MyCopy feature.
  • Each MyCopy book has a colour soft cover, with all internal pages being black and white.
  • MyCopy titles could have up to 832 pages.
  • The MyCopy service does not apply to German titles.

How to order a MyCopy book?

Go to springerlink.com and open up the Springer eBook you are interested in and watch out for the orange MyCopy button. Add the book of your choice to the shopping cart and follow the instructions. Payment is only possible by credit card. You will receive your print copy within 8-10 business days.


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