Berlin Science Week and Falling Walls Meet Online

This year Berlin Science Week and the Falling Walls programme will meet online. There will be more than 200 live events or exhibitions. Most of the events will be held digitally and for free.

The Berlin Science Week is an international festival that brings together people from innovative scientific institutions and the public. The new joint term ‘World Science Summit’ expresses the aim of keeping the new global accessibility for the future.

1-10 November 2020

Falling Walls 2011

The Falling Walls conferences are an annualy event with twenty of the world’s leading scientists presenting their current breakthrough research.

Falling Walls in 100 secs from Falling Walls on Vimeo.

At this year’s conference (November 9th) Robert Schlögl was one of the forward thinking individuals breaking down walls in science. He held a talk with the title Breaking the Wall of Energy Supply. How Heterogeneous Catalysis Can Replace Fossil Fuels (starting at 29:07 min).

Watch live streaming video from fallingwallsconference at