OpenAire 2020

The European Commission (EC) and the European council for research (ERC) pursue the aim to guarantee a possibly wide spreading and a worldwide access to the EU to promoted publications. For all scientific publications which originate from projects in the new Framework Programme for Research Horizon 2020 the Open Acess publication is obliging.

An essential stone of the conversion of this aim is the network OpenAIRE. The project is carried by 50 partners from the EU member states and is supported by an EU budget.

Beside this the partners intend to develop new methods for the measurement of the relevance of results and to carry out a study to juridical basic conditions by the publication of research data. Furthermore, with Horizon 2020 a pilot`s programme is begun for open research data (Open Research Data Pilot). For this the network of OpenAIRE provides practical information and trainings to the management as well as the publication of research data.

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The national contact place for Germany is the communication, information, multimedia information centre (KIM) of the university of Constance, Anja Oberländer:

Other project partners in Germany are Göttingen SUB than scientific project co-ordinator, Bielefeld UB, the university of Bonn and the university of Bremen.

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