Workshop on MPG Resource Navigator

ReNa Workshop
Monday, 15th December 2014, 2 pm
Building A, Library

The MPG Resource Navigator (ReNa) is a web application to navigate through scientific information resources available to staff and guests of the Max Planck Society. It includes numerous bibliographic and factual databases, library catalogs, electronic full texts and other repositories that are licensed by the MPS or FHI, or selected freely available on the web.

The course gives an overview of ReNa and shows you how to find the retrieval tool that suit your needs best. It lasts 20-30 minutes.

Bozena Langner-Staschok

If you wish to attend please register by contacting the library.

Finding the Best Search Tool

renaThe new MPG Resource Navigator is available now.

It helps you to navigate through scientific information resources available to staff and guests of the Max Planck Society.

Find the retrieval tool that suit your needs best. What are you looking for?

  • Articles
    Databases in chemistry and physics
  • Books/E-Books
    Library catalogs, library union catalogs and e-book collections
  • Chemical + Physical Data
    Factual databases and useful handbooks
  • Dictionaries
    Licensed and freely available dictionaries for different languages
  • Newspapers
    Free and licensed newspaper collections, included are German and international newspapers
  • OA Publications
    Compilation of different sources for open access publications
  • Patents
    Free and licensed patent databases
  • Proceedings
    Databases and conference proceedings collections
  • Reference Works
    Important reference works in chemistry and physics which are available online
  • Theses
    Databases, theses collections and university repositories


The AV portal of the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) provides the search in scientific films from the fields of science and technology.

avportalThe search options are very sophisticated due to automated video analysis with scene, speech, text and image recognition. Spoken and written language can be searched. You do not need to watch the whole video rather you may search within the video segments.

Using Firefox’s Search Bar

There are two ways to run a search in a search engine, library catalog or other databases.

  1. Go to the appropriate website and enter your search query in the search box.
  2. Use Firefox’s Search bar – you find it in the top right corner of the Firefox window.

By default, Firefox includes only seven search engines but you may install additional search tools. See

Finding Add-ons
Firefox Add-ons:
Mycroft project:

Including FHI Library Online Catalog Search
You will not find our FHI library online catalog at the above mentioned websites. Although it is possible to add our library catalog (or any other search tool) to the search bar by using the Add-on Add to Search Bar.

After installing the add-on just move your mouse cursor on the page’s search box, click the right mouse button (Ctrl+click on a Mac) and choose Add to Search Bar….

Now your search bar includes the FHI catalog title search.

Further Links
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