New Acquisitions: June 2017

xrayThis new title is available in the library now:

X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiaton by David Attwood and Anne Sakdinawat (22 E 4).

You can find it in the new acquisition section of the library.


More new books:

Zecchina, Adriano [Auth.]… The development of catalysis 2017 27 A 23
Rammer, Jorgen [Auth.] Physics of electronic materials 2017 26 I 36
Powers, Peter E. [Auth.]… Fundamentals of nonlinear optics 2017 20 F 65
Catalysis : specialist periodical reports 2017 28 D 10-Vol. 29
Electroanalytical chemistry 2017 34 D 2-Vol. 29

Hub of Nobel Laureates in Berlin

Today the Harnack House is a confererence venue for the Max Planck Society. It was opened in 1929 as a scientific meeting place, where guests from all over the world came together. Now a book, which is a supplement to the conference venue’s exhibition, portrays some of its most illustrious guests: Albert Einstein, Lise Meitner, Max Planck, Albert Speer and more.

imageSusanne Kiewitz: Hub of Nobel Laureates: Harnack House in Berlin. Berlin 2016 (Shelf Mark: 70 H 43)

Susanne Kiewitz: Treffpunkt der Nobelpreisträger: das Harnack-Haus in Berlin-Dahlem. Berlin 2016 (Shelf Mark: 70 H 43-Dt.)

New Acquisitions: May 2017

meschedeThis new title is available in the library now:

Optics, light and lasers by Dieter Meschede (20 B 6-3. ed.).

You can find it in the new acquisition section of the library.


More new books:

Flewitt, Peter E. J. [Auth.]… Physical methods for materials characterisation 2017 26 B 108
Jensen, Frank [Auth.] Introduction to computational chemistry 2017 2 Q 26
VanSanten, Rutger A. [Auth.] Modern heterogeneous catalysis 2017 27 E 36
Rex, Andrew [Auth.] Finn’s thermal physics 2017 14 B 7
Simpson, Garth J. [Auth.] Nonlinear optical polarization analysis in chemistry and biology 2017 20 F 64
Holleman, Arnold F. [Auth.] Anorganischen Chemie 2017 42 B 32-103. Aufl., Bd. 1 + Bd. 2
Alkire, Richard C. [Ed.]… Nanopatterned and nanoparticle-modified electrodes 2017 34 D 3*-Vol. 17
Advances in imaging and electron physics – Vol. 199 2017 16 D 1-Vol. 199
Progress in optics – Vol. 62 2017 20 D 1-Vol. 62

Trial: Nature Nano

We can access Nature Nano during a trial period until 31 January 2018.

Nano is a one-stop research solution providing access to nanoscience data and summaries coming from patents and nano-related journals across publishers. It provides highly indexed and structured information related to nanomaterials and devices in over 270,000 curated profiles.

Gain fast insight into nanomaterial data with summaries of relevant parameters like structure, size, composition, properties, synthesis methods/preparation, characterization methods and more.