Web of Science News: December 2017

Some new features has been added to the Web of Science (WoS) in the December release:

  • Expanded Open Access identification: Find Gold OA articles, Hybrid Gold OA articles and Green OA articles (accepted manuscript or published version)
  • Early access publications included in Web of Science
  • Daily alerts

Find out more in this video:

New E-Book: 100 Years of Chemical Warfare

Now available online:

Friedrich, Bretislav [Ed.]. Hoffmann, Dieter [Ed.]. Renn, Juergen [Ed.]. Schmaltz, Florian [Ed.]. Wolf, Martin [Ed.]: One hundred years of chemical warfare : research, deployment, consequences. Springer : Cham, 2017. ISBN: 978-3-319-51664-6 [Open Access]

This book has emerged from a conference commemorating the centenary of the events at Ypres (the first use of chemical weapons as weapons of mass destruction), held at the Fritz Haber Institute in 2015.