Publish Open Access in Physical Review Journals

The Max Planck Society has established a new agreement with the American Physical Society (APS) which allows authors to publish open access in all APS journals (except „Physics“ and „Review of Modern Physics“) under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY); under the agreement, the article processing charges will be paid centrally by the MPS.

It also covers read access to all APS journals.

To publish open access without having to pay Article Publication Charges (APCs), the following criteria must be met:

  • The acceptance date of the article must be between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2020.
  • The author must publish under the Max Planck affiliation. The respective Max Planck Institute must be stated in the published article.
  • The author must be the initial corresponding author of the article, which is the author identified as the corresponding author in the intitial instance of submission of a manuscript to one of the publisher’s journals. Please note that it is not possible to obtain eligibility under the agreement through later changes in the corresponding authorship.
  • Please use your Max Planck email address and state your Max Planck affiliation during submission and in correspondence whenever possible to ensure identification as eligible under the agreement.

The agreement will initially run until the end of 2020 as a pilot project and is intended to be continued beyond that date.

FHI Workshop on Reference Management Systems

Online Workshop on Reference Management Systems
Friday, 29 May 2020 – 10:15 am

This course explains what reference management systems (also known as bibliographic or citation management software) are, why they are useful for any kind of research, and what to look out for when considering the use of one of the numerous available bibliographic management applications. The two systems, EndNote and Mendeley, are demonstrated as examples.

Sandra Böttcher (FHI Library, Student Assistant)

More details on how to join the workshop will be announced by e-mail.

New Aquisitions: Spring 2020

These new books have just arrived in the library:

Mabbott, Gary A.Electroanalytical chemistry202034 B 38
Elber, Ron …Molecular kinetics in condensed phases202032 G 31
Iggo, Jonathan A. … NMR spectroscopy in inorganic chemistry 202022 H 86
Gordin, Michael D.Einstein in Bohemia202070 K 151

You find the books in the library’s new acquisition section.

Please note that the use of the library is currently only possible by appointment. Just contact the library team by phone or e-mail.

Gemeinsame SchreibZeit

Erst vor Kurzem hat die Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin ein neues Format ins Leben gerufen: SchreibZeit ( Jetzt gibt es das Angebot, Texte in einer Gemeinschaft zu schreiben, in einem virtuellen Raum.

Montag bis Freitag um 10 Uhr + Dienstag und Donnerstag um 14 Uhr auf dem Twitter-Kanal @sbb_schreibzeit

Freitag um 10 Uhr per Videokonferenz im Deutschen Forschungsnetz:

Das Angebot steht allen Interessierten offen.