New Open Access Feature in Google Scholar: “Public Access”

Google Scholar added a new feature to the Scholar profiles to help you track and manage public access mandates for your articles. The Public Access section is meant to be an overview to check, whether your open-access mandated papers are freely available or not.

  • Contains articles that are expected to be publicly available
  • Click “VIEW ALL” to check those articles mandates and see if they are available
  • If publicly available, PDF or HTML links appear
  • Authors have to manually update or correct the listed articles

Authors are encouraged to check their profiles and make corrections or updates to their list of articles.

The new feature has also been critiqued by some sources, citing that Google Drive should not be used to deposit your papers. To make your research publicly available, you can deposit your published articles in repositories such as the MPG’s PuRe, guaranteeing the long-term availability of these documents.

You can find a detailed Q&A concerning the Public Access feature here.