Open Access Helper

A new version of Open Access Helper has been released. It was developed for iOS 15, suitable for such products as the iPhone or iPad, and contains all features of the desktop version.

Every time the user encounters the mention of a document with its respective DOI code, the Open Access Helper automatically searches for and presents an Open Access copy of said document. If the user enables their institution, it is also able to guide them to further access via institutional subscriptions.

The Open Access Helper can be downloaded free of charge on its website. There are versions for iPhone & iPad, Safari (macOS), Chrome, and Firefox Browser available.


The GDCh (German Chemical Society) has developed and released a new app for your smart-devices. In accordance with the GDCh executive committee’s vision, this new application aims to connect members and keep them updated, wherever they are.

Features include:

  • about 7000 articles related to chemistry
  • contents of “Nachrichten der Chemie”
  • press releases
  • personalized & public member profiles
  • social media notifications
  • and much more…

You can download the app on the Google PlayStore (Android), the
App Store (iOS) or take a look at the web application.

PressReader Mobile App

The electronic version of more than 2000 international newspapers (e.g. The Washington Post, Le Figaro, Neue Zürcher Zeitung or Der Tagesspiegel) is available via PressReader (the previous version Library PressDisplay will be online till the end of the year). The license includes all issues from the last 60 days. It is possible to read them in a traditional 2-page newspaper view or in easy to read text views.

Find (nearly) all licensed newspaper titles in the Electronic Journals Library.

You may download a mobile version for your mobile phone or tablet at

Mobile Version of

The functionality of bibliographic management systems for mobile devices is often highly limited. But there are some solutions (both iOS and Android) available for Zotero (while there are no official Zotero apps for mobile devices). So you may access and edit your Zotero library on your mobile phone or tablet.

Zotero for mobile:

Zotero Reader web app tour: