Young Scientists meet with Nobel Laureates in Lindau

Nearly 600 young scientists from around the world have gotten the unique chance to participate in the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, taking place from 30 June – 5 July 2013. They are meeting 35 Nobel Laureates in lectures, discussion sessions and master classes. The scientific programme, dedicated to the Nobel Prize discipline of chemistry, include questions like “How does surface science contribute so solve global energy and environmental issues?”.

Find further information on the 2013 Lindau Meeting including videos and mini lectures at the Mediatheque:

Read blog posts and comments at the interactive forum of the Lindau Meetings.

Die Quantentheorie der Elementarteilchen

In Lindau am Bodensee kommen seit 1951 zu einer Tagung jährlich Nobelpreisträger und Nachwuchswissenschaftler aus aller Welt zusammen, um Ideen auszutauschen und Kontakte zu knüpfen. Das umfangreiche Material der Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings an Audiomitschnitten, Videos und Fotos wird nun kontinuierlich zugänglich gemacht.
In der Mediatheque findet sich unter anderem dieser Vortrag von Werner Heisenberg: Fortschritte und Schwierigkeiten in der Quantentheorie der Elementarteilchen (Lindau, 2. Juli 1953)


Library conference: Herbsttagung der Bibliotheken der CPT-Sektion

The librarians from the Max Planck Institutes of the CPT section hold a meeting each year in autumn. This year the Fritz Haber Institute will host the meeting in the Richard Willstätter house from November 22nd-23th, 2011.


Due to this conference the library office is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday (November 22nd-23th). We will already organise and prepare a lot of things on Monday, so that you will not catch us at the library office all day.