GDCh and Open Access

The Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (German Chemical Society) published a position paper on the future of scientific publishing and the transformation to Open Access. It recommends its authors the green open access model. This means to archive articles that are published in conventional journals in institutions’ own e-print archives (e.g. MPG PuRe) allowing free access.

GDCh Position Paper: On the Future of Scientific Publishing (December 2013)
GDCh-Positionspapier: Zur Zukunft des wissenschaftlichen Publizierens (Dezember 2013)

Science Europe Roadmap

Science Europe presented its vision for the future of European research. More than fifty research funding and research performing organizations from across Europe have agreed on the Science Europe Roadmap [pdf] (Dezember 2013).

Open Access is one of the nine key areas of the roadmap.

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Open Access Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Berlin 11 conference is available online now:

“During the Berlin 11 Open Access Conference, the Max Planck Society presented a draft mission statement and asked the participants for their comments. The mission statement will be used as a guideline for future activities of the Max Planck Society towards the goals mentioned in the Berlin Declaration a decade ago.”

Learn more about Open Access in the Max Planck Society at

Action Plan towards Open Access by the Global Research Council

Research funders from around the world have met in Berlin this week. The second annual global meeting of the Global Research Council (GRC) was hosted jointly by the German Research Foundation and the Brazilian partner organization. The participants talked about open access to publications and principles of research integrity.

The GRC members agreed on the “Action Plan towards Open Access to Publications”.

Science Europe Adopts Principles for the Transition to Open Access

Science Europe has released a position statement that should guide the move to a sustainable system of Open Access to increase access to research results. The 51 research funding and performing organisations from 26 countries have agreed on a common set of “Principles for the Transition to Open Access to Research Publications“.

Now it depends on whether each organisation will implement policies according to their needs based on these principles.

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Position Statement