Now Available: ACM Digital Library

The Max Planck Society established a new agreement with the Association of Computing Machinery which includes open access publishing. The agreement centrally covers the open access charge for Max Planck corresponding authors who publish in ACM journals, conference proceedings and magazines under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY).

Max Planck members have full access to the ACM Digital Library, including ACM’s archive and entire publication portfolio including journals, magazines, conference proceedings, newsletters, websites and multimedia files, as well as all publications affiliated with ACM and the ACM Guide to Computing Literature. The only exception is the ‘ACM Book Series’. The agreement is in effect from May 1, 2020.

Redesigned SPIE Digital Library

Here are some of the new SPIE Digital Library features:

  • As a new edition to the conference papers SPIE presents conference presentations, videos containing the audio and slides for most new presentations. Many of them also include full-text papers.
  • You may create a free personal account that allows you to save citations and sign up for different types of e-mail alerts.
  • The mobile version of the website has been redesigned. You may access your institution’s subscription from your personal computer at home or your mobile device. Simply sign into your personal account while on your organization’s network (once every 90 days) and you will have full off-site access.

How to get proceedings papers?

We have access to the following proceedings:

AIP Conference Proceedings
The proceedings of the American Institute of Physics are available from Iss. 500 (2000) onwards.

IEEE Proceedings
The content in IEEE Xplore comprises beside journals, transactions and technical standards about 4000 conference proceedings.

OSA Topical Meetings
OSA manages up to 30 topical meetings annually. We can access all available topical meeting papers – only some conference papers of the Major Meeting Series are not part of our license.

SPIE Proceedings
SPIE conferences result in over 350 proceedings annually. Access to technical papers in optics and photonics from 1963 to the present is possible.

Searching for proceedings papers
Conference literature is included in the following databases:

  • Web of Science (Conference Proceedings Citation Index Science)
  • Inspec (poceedings literature in physics and engineering)
  • SciFinder (chemistry and chemistry related conference papers)
  • ProQuest (including Materials Research Database‎, Solid State and Superconductivity Abstracts‎)

The British Library Conference Proceedings are the most comprehensive collection of conference literature in the world. The records are available through Getinfo, the portal for science and technology offered by the German National Library of Science and Technology.

If the wanted literature is not available online or by printed copies in the FHI library your librarian may order the requested proceedings paper for you.