Statement on Scientific Publications

The Academie des sciences, the Leopoldina and the Royal Society have published a set of principles with the aim of defining best practice for scientific journals. The guidelines include four fundamental principles:

1- Efficient and high-quality dissemination of scientific information.
2- The avoidance of all forms of conflict of interest.
3- The necessity to ensure fair reviewing of articles.
4- Keeping the handling and decision-making processes regarding scientific articles entirely under the control of well-recognised scientists.” (See press release)

Over that the three societies support the principles of open access (both “green” and “gold” routes). They “believe that the funds currently spent on journal subscriptions should be re-directed to fund publication charges“.

Science Book Prize 2016: Shortlist

The winner of the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize will be announced in September, but the shortlist is available now. Among the six titles you find

The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World
by Oliver Morton

The author describes the potential and risks of geoengineering to mitigate global climate change. He explores the science, history and politics behind real and theoretical case studies.