Chemical Preprint Server Being Planned

The American Chemical Society is planning to establish a preprint server (“ChemRxiv”) for the global chemistry community. It is expected that ChemRxiv will follow the established model of arXiv in physics. ACS will cooperate with the Society’s Chemical Abstracts Service and other partners to shape the preprint server as a collaborative endeavor.

ACS Press Resease: American Chemical Society announces intention to establish “ChemRxiv” preprint server to promote early research sharing

EU Scientific Articles Could Be Freely Accessible as of 2020

The Dutch EU Presidency considers Open Science as one of its top priorities. Now Europe has made a definitive choice for open access. So all publicly funded scientific papers published in Europe could be made free to access by 2020. This is one of the main outcomes of the meeting of the Competitiveness Council in Brussels last month.

Press release:
All European scientific articles to be freely accessible by 2020 [pdf]

Open Access Transformation of Scholarly Journals

Research organizations worldwide has started an initiative that aims to convert the majority of today’s scholarly journals from subscription to Open Access publishing. The OA 2020 initiative is the result of the 12th Berlin Open Access Conference hosted by the Max Planck Society in December 2015.

Numerous international scholarly organizations have signed an Expression of Interest.

OA 2020 website:

Press release:

DOI Registration for Max Planck Researchers

The Max Planck Society offers a new service for Max Planck researchers who want to register DOI names for their research data, posters, papers or unpublished material e.g. stored in MPG.PuRe.

Assigning DOI names to these materials improves the citability and enables researchers to link articles to appropriate data persistently. It also increases the visibility and traceability of research data as valuable resource. (

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