DOI Registration for Max Planck Researchers

The Max Planck Society offers a new service for Max Planck researchers who want to register DOI names for their research data, posters, papers or unpublished material e.g. stored in MPG.PuRe.

Assigning DOI names to these materials improves the citability and enables researchers to link articles to appropriate data persistently. It also increases the visibility and traceability of research data as valuable resource. (

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Find Journal Abbreviations

There are two good resources to find abbreviations for science journals:

1. Chemical Abstracts source index

CASSI (CAS Source Index) Search Tool
CAS Core Journal Abbreviations

2. Web of Science journal abbreviations index

Journal Abbreviations Index (ISI)

Debate on the Future of Scholarly Publishing

The Scientist‘s August cover story entitled Whither Science Publishing? deals with the future of scientific publishing.
The journal has asked publishers, researchers, information scientists and others about problems with the existing system of scientific publishing and how it will look like in ten years. Questions are Is open-access publishing the wave of the future? or Are there problems with the existing peer-review system?