New Gold OA Journals by the RSC

The Royal Society of Chemistry has launched two new Open Access journals:

  • Environmental Science: Advances – It spans not only chemistry, but also research from any discipline related to the environmental sciences.
  • Digital Discovery – It publishes research at the intersection of chemistry, materials science and biotechnology.

Both has opened for submissions this month and will be free to publish in until mid-2024.

New Open Access Feature in Google Scholar: “Public Access”

Google Scholar added a new feature to the Scholar profiles to help you track and manage public access mandates for your articles. The Public Access section is meant to be an overview to check, whether your open-access mandated papers are freely available or not.

  • Contains articles that are expected to be publicly available
  • Click “VIEW ALL” to check those articles mandates and see if they are available
  • If publicly available, PDF or HTML links appear
  • Authors have to manually update or correct the listed articles

Authors are encouraged to check their profiles and make corrections or updates to their list of articles.

The new feature has also been critiqued by some sources, citing that Google Drive should not be used to deposit your papers. To make your research publicly available, you can deposit your published articles in repositories such as the MPG’s PuRe, guaranteeing the long-term availability of these documents.

You can find a detailed Q&A concerning the Public Access feature here.

Leopoldina: New Scientific Journal

NAL-live is the new open access journal for review style articles published by the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. The articles will focus on interdisciplinary topics that have a high degree of social relevance. They are published as living reviews, that allow comments, discussion and updating of articles on a continuous basis.

The journal deals with all disciplines represented in the Leopoldina. The Leopoldina does not charge any fees.

New Open Access Journal: Chemistry – Methods

Chemistry Europe, an association of 16 European chemical societies, has published the new journal Chemistry – Methods. The fully open-access journal covers research on all aspects of methods in chemistry.

The journal is part of the Open Access Agreement between Projekt DEAL and Wiley.

ACS Gold Open Access Journals

Now the ACS fully open access journals are part of the agreement between the Max Planck Society and the American Chemical Society. The article processing charges will be paid centrally by the MPS.

ACS Open Access Journals:

The journals will be added to the OA Gold List (list of journals with central APC payment) shortly.