New Aquisitions: December 2019

These new books have just arrived in the library:

Birdi, K. S.Surface chemistry of carbon capture201939 F 4
Holze, RudolfExperimental electrochemistry201934 B 37
Gavrilenko, Vladimir I.Optics of nanomaterials201929 G 20
Kotlyar, Victor V. …Sharp focusing of laser light201920 E 44
Goebel, Ernst O. …The new international system of units (Si)20196 A 50
Advances in imaging and electron physics201916 D 1-Vol. 211
Solid State Physics201926 D 10-Vol. 70

You find the books in the library’s new acquisition section.

Library Introductory Course in December

How to Get the PDF?
How to Find E-Books?
How to Find the Appropriate Database?
How to Create an Alert?

Find out more in our introductory course to the library’s electronic information resources.

Monday, December 16, 2019 – 11 am

The lesson will be held in the FHI library. Please register and inform us about your focus of interest. In addition, individual appointments are possible.

How the Feynman Technique Works

The Feynman technique can help you to learn and understand at a deeper level. The technique is based on a simple concept: Explain a complex idea to someone as simply as possible.

Richard Feynman 1959

Richard Feynman in 1959

How to use the Feynman technique: