DPG: quantum science and technology year

The German Physical Society’s (DPG) board of directors voted in favor of supporting the initiative of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) to celebrate the year 2025 with a large-scale quantum science and technology program!
This will be comparable to the “Einstein Year” in 2005.

The DPG, in cooperation with scientific institutions around the world, is now working on a resolution to present to the UNESCO and United Nations general conferences in 2023.

For more information on the year of quantum science and technology take a look at the DPG’s press release. (German)


Chemistry and COP26

The Royal Society of Chemistry has gathered material on climate change from a chemical point of view, to be found under Chemistry and COP26.

In light of the UN Climate Change Conference that took place in Glasgow last month, the RSC published a position statement as well as a manifesto on climate change. Furthermore, the page features several educational videos on different aspects of environmental issues and sustainability. The chemistry behind factors of climate change and technologies with the aim of counteracting it are explained.

Open Access Helper

A new version of Open Access Helper has been released. It was developed for iOS 15, suitable for such products as the iPhone or iPad, and contains all features of the desktop version.

Every time the user encounters the mention of a document with its respective DOI code, the Open Access Helper automatically searches for and presents an Open Access copy of said document. If the user enables their institution, it is also able to guide them to further access via institutional subscriptions.

The Open Access Helper can be downloaded free of charge on its website. There are versions for iPhone & iPad, Safari (macOS), Chrome, and Firefox Browser available.

Library Introductory Course on Databases in January

FHI Library Online Workshop: Databases

Our interactive online workshop will help you to select and apply the most appropriate resources and tools for your research. Learn more on how to quickly find and analyze relevant scientific literature. The two databases Web of Science and SciFinder will be presented and discussed in detail.

Friday, January 14, 2021 – 11am

The workshop lasts about 45 minutes. Please register and inform us (library@fhi-berlin.mpg.de) about your focus of interest.

More details on how to join the workshop will be announced by e-mail.

EuChemS Historical Landmark Award 2020 – Europe

The Justus Liebig Laboratory in Gießen (Hessen) has been awarded the EuChemS Historical Landmarks Award – European Level!
It was awarded in recognition of:

“[…]the role it played in the history of chemistry and the European sense of belonging between people and ideas.”

– EuChemS

Justus von Liebig, who worked in the laboratory from 1824 to 1852, is considered as one of the founders of organic chemistry and revolutionized chemistry education as we know it, by combining research and teaching in a laboratory.

Nowadays, his laboratory is a museum and part of the UNESCO World Heratige. The collection includes historical documents, chemical apparatus, scientific instruments and much more! The Liebig-Museum is described as a time capsule where visitors can experience the original function and the working conditions of the time when chemistry first entered the universities.

For more information visit the EuChemS Award-Page.

Wilhelm Trautschold – Liebig’s laboratory at Gießen 1841